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Monster converted by Rosary

2 min • Digitized on May 22, 2021

From The Glories of Mary, page 686
By St. Alphonsus Liguori

9.—There lived in Saragossa a certain noble, a very bad man; his name was Peter, and he was a relation of St. Dominic.

One day when the saint was preaching, he saw Peter enter the church, and he prayed the Lord that he would make known to the audience the condition of that miserable sinner.

And, behold, Peter then appeared like a monster from hell, surrounded and dragged along by many devils. The congregation fled, even his wife who was in the church, and the servants who accompanied him.

Then St. Dominic directed him, through one of his companions, to recommend himself to Mary, and to begin to recite the Rosary which he sent him. Peter received the message, humbled himself, sent to thank the saint, and received him self the grace to see the demons that surrounded him.

He afterwards went to make his confession to the saint himself, from whom he received the assurance that he was already pardoned, and continuing to recite the Rosary, he attained to so happy a state that one day the Lord made him appear in church, in the presence of the whole congregation crowned with three crowns of roses. *

* Cartag. to. 4, l. ult. s. 114. Let any one who wishes for other examples of the power of the Rosary, read those at the end of the first vol. of the above-mentioned work, pages, 68, 92, 133, 262, 302.

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