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Acquitted murder by miracle of Mary

1 min • Digitized on June 4, 2021

From The Glories of Mary, page 695
By St. Alphonsus Liguori

26.—A member of the brothers of the confraternity of Mary was invited one morning by a friend to dine with him. He promised to go but went first to the meeting of the confraternity, and after that he forgot his promise.

His friend was so much offended by this, that one day when he met him he attempted to kill him; but, by a just judgment of God, he killed himself. His friend was immediately taken before the court, found guilty of the murder, and was condemned to death.

He recommended himself to the Virgin, and, inspired by her, begged to be led into the presence of the dead body, and then asked him how he had died. He confessed that he died by his own hands, and his friend was set at liberty. *

* V. P. Aur. to. 2, ex. c. 4.

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