The Immaculate Conception

(Image: The Immaculate Conception (1767–1769))

1 min • December 8, 2021

Being the Immaculate Conception, Mary always had pure intentions, doing everything only to please God. This also means she is our powerful helper in Heaven.

There’s nothing she can’t do to help us now. She pleased God so much on earth, that she can obtain whatever she asks of Jesus.

God is our loving Father and he cares about us. Mary is our heavenly Mother and also cares very deeply about us. Cast your anxieties upon them and trust in their love and help.

If we’ve done wrong and are sorry, we can go to Jesus directly. But if we’re too ashamed or afraid to go to Jesus, we can go to Mary and ask her to go to Jesus for us. And she will!

If things are going wrong in our lives, we have to trust that Mary is our good Mother, and will be by our side throughout all of it, giving us as much help, support, comfort, peace, and strength to handle it all with grace.

And especially pray that you can handle it without falling into sin, the only thing which can separate us from God’s love. Because if we have God’s love, we’re safe from all bad things in the long-term, and God will eventually undo all the bad that happens to us. So especially ask Mary to obtain grace to not sin! And she will.

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