Devotion to The Holy Family

(Image: The Holy Family)

3 min • December 24, 2021

Have a strong devotion to the Holy Family, and Jesus, Mary and Joseph will bless you with a special blessing. Here’s an easy way to do it:

First, make Joseph your father. Then, make Mary your mother. Then, make Jesus your older brother. Imagine that Jesus is a child just a little older than yourself, and that he’s your older brother.

Your job is:

  1. to make sure that Father Joseph approves of everything you do,

  2. to ask Mother Mary to obtain everything you need to do it well,

  3. and finally to ask Jesus help you in doing it.

But here’s the problem you’re going to face: you can talk to them, but you can’t actually hear them respond!

So how do you obey Mother Mary and Father Joseph? How do you know if they approve of your plans, and will help you?

I’m going to completely skip the theology on this one, and ask you to just trust me on this conclusion:

Jesus, Mary and Joseph had one mind, one heart, and one judgment.

And all that Jesus valued is laid out thoroughly in the Bible, and explained by the Saints. That’s why I write book snippets every day. That’s what they are.

Which means all that Mary and Joseph would have wanted you to do, all that they would approve of, all that they value and want for anyone (but especially you) is laid out in the Bible.

So, if you want to know what they think and what they value, read the Bible. Or, even easier: listen to the audio bible! Link is at the top of this site. Listen as much as you can!

Now that you know what they think and value, you will know what they approve of, what they won’t, and even the kinds of prayers they want you to pray! Meaning, the kinds of prayers they will especially bless.

I’m going to tell you a little secret: the Bible is a special book. Not just that it’s cowritten by God, but I mean this:

With every other book, you eventually get bored, because you wear it out. You get everything you can from it, and then it’s empty. It’s like drinking a juice box and when it’s gone, you’re sucking an empty straw to try to get the last drop out, and it even starts to get kind of painful.

Well the Bible is like a juice box that never gets empty. It never runs out of interesting things. It never runs out of its usefulness, or its newness or freshness, or its excitingness, or anything. It’s like an infinite well that you can always draw more water out of.

So read the Bible. Or rather, listen to it, as often as you can. And read your daily Book Snippets which explain the Bible to you, because the Saints and Doctors of the Church are the official explainers of the Bible.

And then, you will start to know what Mary and Joseph want you to do, and you will be able to obey them very well. And they will obtain for you so many blessings.

And then you will be happy. Even when things are going completely, horribly wrong.

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