Let nothing worry you

(Image: St. Juan Diego with the Blessed Virgin Mary)

1 min • December 9, 2021

These words of Mary to St. Juan Diego in 1531 were meant for all of us also:

Remember this, my littlest son:

Let nothing worry you.

Do not fear this illness, or any problem.

Am I not here, the one who is your Mother?

Don’t I bring you joy?

Won’t I protect you?

Do you need anything more?

Since I can’t find an original source of this quote anywhere on the internet, but only a bunch with slight variations, I used the quote from the kids movie Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe (watch on FORMED), which is the simplest of them all.

Although it’s a kids movie, it is very inspiring, and seems extremely accurate (for an adaptation) from what I’ve researched. I highly recommend watching it today.

Trust in the love and power of our Mother Mary, just as St. Juan Diego did! She will help us. Trust her.

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