3 Ways to Read the Bible (and 1 way not to!)

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3 min • December 24, 2021

You have to read a little of the Bible every day. It’s half of the Word of God! (The other half is Sacred Tradition.) How else are you going to know what God wants to tell you? But don’t worry, it’s not hard to read some of the Bible every day. Here are three shortcuts.

First: You don’t have to read it, you can listen to it! Check out the Audio Bible tab on the top of this page.

It’s not just someone reading the Bible, it’s real life actors, famous professionals, acting out the Bible.

Put it on in the background quietly, but loud enough for you to hear glimpses of it, and you’ll eventually want to turn it up!

Second: You don’t have to read it, you can listen to it at Mass!

Every Mass has 3-4 readings directly from the Bible. One from the Old Testament, a Psalm, a Gospel reading, and sometimes a New Testament reading.

It’s great, because you don’t even have to choose what to listen to, it just happens. You go to Mass and bam you have free Bible readings.

Did you know that if you go to Daily Mass every day for 3 years, you’ll have heard almost the entire Bible? Both Old and New ​Testament! Yep! It’s true!

Third: Make the sign of the cross, and flip to a random page. Just read it. You’ll almost definitely enjoy it.

The special thing about the Bible is, the more you read it, the more you like it. Not all books are that way. But the Bible is special. The more you read it—assuming you are trying to live a good life—the more you will want to read it.

Try this a little each day and you might stumble on some page where God seems to be talking directly to you.

Now, here’s the one way not to read the Bible: avoid the footnotes in many Bibles, and the commentaries that come with them. If you have to read them, do it sparingly and very cautiously.

Rather, if you want to know some proofs or apologetics, read an actual apologetics book. I strongly recommend Peter Kreeft’s Catholic Handbook of Apologetics.

Or, if you want to understand it devotionally—how to become more holy—then check out the Book Snippets on this site, pretty much all written by the Saints who are writing on this subject from personal experience, and often explaining the Bible for this purpose.

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